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The Winds of Change

Here’s our latest “He Said” blog:

As Patty and I celebrated our first-year wedding anniversary last month and are now in our second year of marriage, we do indeed remain utterly thankful to God for bringing us together. We continue to see and experience that life has many transitions, and how well we navigate these changes impacts our quality of life and capacity to love.

This wise saying provides a wonderful metaphor for me, “Change is inevitable; misery is optional.” To choose to not like or want to change is often a recipe for misery. I have found that when reality meets up with non-acceptance, the pain is always in the resistance.

This week I had a strong business deal “go south.” My first inclination was to complain about it and blame someone else for the outcome, yet I realized complaining and blaming would not change the outcome and would help no one, including me. Instead, I decided to accept the reality of what happened, see what I could learn from this, and move on by doing the next right thing, i.e., take my learnings and go to the next deal!

We live in a turbulent world full of changes: political, social, financial, relational, attitudinal, and spiritual, just to name a few. With a focus on goodness, on God, and on the solution, we can always be grateful and appreciate beauty even in the midst of dark times, tragedies, storms, and evils.

Most days, I try to write down at least three things for which I am grateful. This helps orient the direction of my thought-life for the day. Today, I am grateful for our Big God, for being married to and loved by Patty, and for becoming an instant grandparent with 4 of the most adorable grandchildren any man can have. Let’s be clear, I have no bias here, ha, ha!

Last year we faced many changes. As our personal worlds kissed, Patty and I moved from being single to married. We both moved into a new home, started new jobs, faced new commutes, and dealt with health issues and other challenges.

Changes often fire up fear, because of the uncertainty of what is going to happen. We have found greater freedom, deeper love, and fuller lives by living in the present, being the best we can be right here and now, and surrendering the outcome to God. Daily quiet time meditations, prayer and devotions keep us anchored where our feet are and where God is: in the present. We try to pack into the stream of today all that we can without spending too much of our thought-life living in yesterday (coulda, woulda, shoulda) or tomorrow (what if?). These practices seem to be used by God again and again to keep us out of fear and in our Big Love.

Patty and I attempt to incorporate Big Hope and Big Faith into our lives and remember to spend time being and not always doing. We like to go on walks or just kiss frequently during the day. These activities help us to steer clear of fear and better navigate changes.

I like to remember that God is in the business of second chances and miracles. We are in the business of suiting up, showing up, loving God and others. In return, our Big God continues to grow our Big Love!

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