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Everything Must Change

Given the current U.S.news, I feel compelled to share my heart with you on this day. Here’s my latest “She Said” blog:

As Dominic and I celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary this month, we continue to thank God for our Big Love for each other and for life. I beg you to love your loved ones today, and tomorrow, and all of your days ahead. Because life changes. Life on this earth is short, but Love is always long.

Bernard Ighner’s song “Everything Must Change” expresses this so beautifully:

“Everything must change,

Nothing stays the same,

Everyone must change,

No one stays the same.

The young become the old,

And mysteries do unfold,

Cause that’s the way of time,

Nothing and no one goes unchanged.”

The song goes on to say that there actually are a few things in life we can be sure of: rain, sun, seasons, hummingbirds that fly, and wounded hearts that heal. And at least for some of us, music that makes us cry (like the song above).

In this world where we often see what appears to be chaos, ugliness, sadness, and horrific Godlessness…

…there is also Harmony, Beauty, Joy, and the Eternal Certainty of a Good God who offers us a Life filled with Infinite Possibilities, both in this world and in the next.

May we all work diligently to change the former while we hang our hats on the latter. Love–especially Big Love–matters.

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