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[New Blog] The Journey Is The Reward

She said:

I wrote my last blog at 6 weeks of marriage. I’m writing this blog approaching 6 months. Pocket change for some of you I know. Nevertheless, profound for me.

You see, I remain mindful that The Journey Is The Reward. And having that outlook continues to transform my life.

Over the last 6 months, many have asked me: “How is married life?” Code for “Give me the low down and dirty.”

This question reminds me of another question that John Wesley (the founder of Methodism) expected his class members to answer each week: “How does it go with your soul?”

You see, we all need to take inventory on our lives. But, sometimes, we prefer to take it on others’ lives instead. I know that I often forget to “take the log out of my own eye” before I try to “remove the splinter from another’s eye.”

One of the special things that my husband and I have committed to do each week is to take an inventory—an evaluation of sorts—on how our weekly Journey has gone with our mind, body and soul over the last week. We do this individually, and then we discuss together what we each wrote down.

I have found that when I become consciously mindful of my Journey over the past week where I have lived at my higher self in God, I can celebrate. At the same time, as I inventory the areas where I may have lived at less than my best, I can recognize the “logs” in my own eye that might need to be addressed.

We have discovered taking a weekly inventory to be invaluable to growing spiritually and connecting emotionally in our marriage and on the Journey we call life. I feel that it’s a powerful tool for building a marriage based on love and respect. It helps to keep me focused on the “log in my own eye” rather than the “splinter in another’s eye.” I recommend it highly.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer for my answer to the first question that I posed: “How is married life?” Let me give you a peek into our Journey over the last 5 months:

We spent Thanksgiving in Texas and Christmas in Cleveland with family, crafting “my family” and “his family” into our family. We now see “my kids and grandkids” and “his kids” as our kids. Of course our families have different personalities and unique cultures and habits, yet we deeply love them all. Nothing compares to quality time spent with loved ones.

We serve at our church and in our community. We attend weekly worship and participate in several small groups, providing leadership and encouragement.

We share daily devotionals and prayers, go to work, take an on-line class, play ping-pong and darts, spend time with friends, delight in family, participate in charity benefits, hike and work out at the gym, shop and cook, clean house and do laundry, eat and sleep, laugh and love. And although we dance daily at home, we also go out and dance to live music once or twice monthly.

Seemingly mundane activities, but filled with the beautiful Journey of life that is the Reward in itself.

Experiencing each real moment with childlike curiosity and mindfulness. The Journey. The Reward. Not in the future but now. Relishing the Remarkable Ride.

Always finding that our Big Love for each other continues to flourish beyond anything we could have ever imagined or dreamed.

One of the reasons we believe that our Big Love flourishes is that from the beginning of our Journey together, we decided we would set up a climate conducive to as much emotional transparency as possible. We wanted our relationship to be open and honest without pretense. One of the first thoughts we shared with each other was that we would not “play games.”

To foster transparency, we elected to make our home a Sanctuary—a place where we could feel safe and recharge from the Journey as needed. In the evenings, we often turn off our phones and remove ourselves from our computers to engage in stimulating conversations without interruptions, and to deeply connect with each other.

Nourishing and nurturing the growing trust that we are daily building propels our Big Love to even greater heights as we travel this Journey on earth together.

Big Love based in God’s love that has no limits. Beyond cognitive understanding. The Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Constantly recognizing the grace of God that brought us together.

Truly, Our journey Is Our Reward. We invite you to join us in this Journey. Thanks be to God!

Stay tuned for the “He Said” sequel to this blog!

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