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…And Fireworks, Too!


She said:

Since I posted my last blog, I’ve moved to a new location, started a new job, and become married. What a Remarkable Ride! (If you missed my previous blogs about how all of this transpired, please take a look at “Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, Knock It Out of the Ballpark,” Part 1 and Part 2.)

Here is my new husband’s perspective on our Remarkable Ride together. We’ll continue to provide you with “He said, She said” updates from time to time. Enjoy!

He said:

I’ll never forget that Sunday morning in May when I saw her profile on match.com. She wrote about being creative, loving sunsets and full moons, and trusting in a good God. She used phrases like “life is short and love is long,” and “I’m sure that there are more than five senses.” I immediately reached out to her, hoping she would respond.

Our initial correspondence flowed comfortably, and quickly moved to personal email, telephone conversations, and then to our first date.

I had been searching for my last first date for what seemed like a lifetime.

Our first date was even more magical than anything I had ever experienced. We felt immediate chemistry that served as the precursor to the Big Love that was to follow. Our eyes locked throughout our exquisite dinner. We took a walk on the nearby pier. Our walk had us laughing, and as we sat down on a bench on the pier, there it was: a spectacular sunset followed by a kiss that left a deep, heartfelt impression. We haven’t stopped kissing since!

As uncanny as it sounds, our souls seem to have known each other for a long, long time. We have been catching up to our soul connection ever since that first date. As God would have it, our first date ended up being my last first date, for which I am very thankful! It’s a funny thing about remaining hopeful, persevering, suiting up and showing up, and eventually the season changes, this time for the greater good for both of us.

Reflecting back on the last 6 months: I met her, we kissed, and now we have been happily married for 6 weeks! Yet there is so much more to this ever-after-life story than a simple fools-rush-in tale.

With much family support, God’s grace, and an unbreakable God-centered sanctuary between us, we have now integrated our lives, moved to our new home, started new jobs, and become new grandparents—all within 6 incredible months. No stress, no attachments, no pretense. Just amazing love!

Although our experience has always encouraged us to wait on God, this time God seemingly was waiting on us. We responded in Big Gratitude, and God blessed us with our Big Love.

As our epic love story continues, I urge you to live fully with great intensity and enjoy your life. Never settle for anything less than what God’s plan is for you, no matter what circumstances you are facing or seasons you are living.

Life is full of surprises, curve balls and unexpected twists and turns. Yet we believe that faith, hope and love can trump all the fear, challenges, and difficulties we encounter as we live here on this earth.

More to come later….

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