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Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, Knock It Out of the Ballpark, Part 2


We met on match.com. The very place that I said I would never use, but I did. My sister had mentioned it to me several times, but my response had always been: “I won’t do that, but I will look at some book clubs, ballroom dancing activities, and meetup groups.”

However, I woke up one Saturday morning in May with the thought, “get on match.com.” I dismissed it at first, but the thought was so persistent that I decided to heed its urging. And, less than 24 hours later, I read a man’s profile that I knew would change my life.

This man’s profile revealed that he was full-blooded Italian, originally from Cleveland OH, and now living about an hour away from me in the Bay area. He described himself as a Christian “by amazing grace,” a healthy person with strong family values and a good career. A romantic at heart, a voracious reader, a lover of sunsets, hiking, music and dancing. Someone who felt that great fireworks were possible in a relationship. Someone looking for a connection “comprised of the stuff epic love stories and legacies are made of.” He messaged me and noted that I seemed to be a “contemplative,” someone that shared similar outlooks and spiritual interests. A woman who valued loving-kindness.

I responded that I also was a Christian by Amazing Grace. I described my daily devotional practice of prayer, Scripture and meditation, and that “my connection to a good God was my deepest lifeline that had helped me navigate life’s challenges with faith and trust.”

Over the next several days, we shared with each other about our jobs, our families, our interests, our lifestyles and habits. I discovered that he was a small group Bible study and men’s study leader at his church, that he too did not feel the need for alcohol, that he loved the “Sound of Music” (one of my all-time favorites!), and that we shared the philosophy of the journey being the reward. We discovered that we both believed that living fully and loving endlessly were possible, and that all is always well in God.

So, we met in person at a restaurant in a nearby town on the water. I arrived at the restaurant first and sat down at a table. He arrived a few minutes later, and when I first saw him entering the restaurant, I knew. He was the one that I had detailed to God in my journal a few months earlier. And as he sat down across the table from me, I was drawn to look deeply into his eyes—the windows of his soul—and I felt that I had known him always.

I found out that evening that he was left-handed (I am, too!). We enjoyed a sunset on the water; we shared a dance in the street.

I fell hard and fast. As the Jerry McGuire movie says, he had me “at Hello.” Love at first sight. I knew he was a keeper, and told my closest family so.

We began to exchange multiple daily emails and favorite songs from youtube.com. We met in person as often as our schedules allowed. We talked on the phone and shared daily devotionals and prayers. And, we promptly got off of match.com to focus on each other.

I know that “wise men say, only fools rush in,” but I couldn’t help “falling in love” with him.

The rest is history, magic, the Field of Infinite Possibilities expressed on earth. As one of my previous blogs stated, “Life is Short, but Love is Long.”

So, as we continued to integrate our lives together, we began to make plans to join our lives as husband and wife.

One of the most beautiful things about our relationship is that our families have been so supportive. They tell us that they can see our happiness, and this blesses them as well.

Both of us share a desire to live life on this earth with great intensity. To not major in the minors of life. To live at our highest God-selves as we serve others and God with love and compassion.

And as we plan our upcoming wedding, we find ourselves in the midst of a geographical move, a new job, and a showering of blessings from God, our family and friends as we prepare to live life together with Big Love. A Love that originates from the Creator of Love. A Love that truly can be described as out of the ballpark, a grand slam, full of electricity and fireworks.

With great joy, I share this update with you. As you read it, may you be filled with new Love–for yourself, your family, and God. May you remember that miracles are possible and that Love is forever. And may you live your life with an amazing intensity that will bless each life that you encounter daily.

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