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Dance With Me!


This month has been a particularly complex month for me. An unexpected move, tax preparation, and new personal and professional commitments had caused me to crave some down time.

I put my request for more quiet simplicity out there in the form of a prayer.

My answer came in the form of a dream. In the dream, my husband was inviting me to dance.

You see, before my husband’s sudden passing in December 2014, we danced a lot.

We didn’t start out as dancers, but about 15 years ago we decided to take some lessons, just to learn enough to dance at our son and daughter-in-love’s wedding.

But the dance “bug” bit both of us, and we continued taking lessons. For several years, we even drove over 160 miles once weekly to take private dance lessons and partipate in a group dance lesson followed by a dance. We made a video of us dancing our favorite dances and shared it with our kids. We practiced at home several times a week.

We treasured the intimacy and romance of dancing–especially the west coast swing. And, the music always was mesmorizing.

Our dancing changed in one split second when my husband moved from earth to eternity. All of a sudden, I was left without a physical dance partner.

That is, until last night, when I dreamed he was inviting me to dance. I walked into the room where he was standing, and he called me to be his dance partner by raising his right arm as he used to do when we started a dance. I accepted his invitation, joining my left hand in his. The beckoning look in his eyes and the smile on his face captivated my attention.

But as we started to dance, I stopped suddenly and covered my face with my hand and started to cry. I was thinking: “Don’t you know that you aren’t in your physical body anymore? Don’t you realize this brings back too many memories and it hurts too much to pretend that I can do this right now with you?”

He pulled me closer to him and began talking in understandable words, but the word combinations didn’t make any sense. I said to him, “Say it again.” He pulled me even nearer but continued to speak in nonsensical sentences.

I so wanted to understand what he was saying, because I felt sure it was advice for me from the heavenlies on how to navigate an often complex earthly life. But, I couldn’t understand him, as hard as I tried.

And so, I begin to sob loudly.

I awoke with tears streaming down my face. As I pondered the meaning of the dream, I fell back to sleep.

This time, a myriad of neighbors arrived and entered my home. The front door was open and a strong wind was blowing throughout the house. I noticed my TV was blaring. On the screen, my husband was speaking an African language and the English interpretation was on the screen. I was sure there was wisdom in his words. I kept trying to get close enough to the TV to read the English translation, but couldn’t because of the chaos in the house.

I woke up again, this time dry-eyed.

But this time, I realized the message of the dream.

The answer to complexity is simplicity.

This time, I didn’t have to have any instructional words, any rules for the game of life.

My answer was to take the right hand of the Divine—symbolized by my husband’s hand–and allow myself to be led in tandem with the Dance.

I thought I needed to lead, hold on and push.

In reality, my answer was a paradox of opposite responses.

All I needed to do was to follow, let go, and fall back.

My answer. I knew in my deepest heart that if I would stay in close contact with the Divine and allow myself to be led, there would be no misstep. Moving purposely in tandem with the Divine Dance, wherever it took me on the dance floor.

The Experiment: What is one thought or habit that doesn’t serve you well that you can release this week? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, reach out for the Divine’s hand, and allow yourself to be led to the Dance floor. You won’t be disappointed.

Silence Your Inner Critic: You may think it is hard to let go, to follow, to drop resistance. Or maybe it might just be the easiest thing you have ever done. You won’t know until you give it a try.

Rock Our World with Your Comments: How can we dance the Divine Dance in our individual lives? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below or on our Facebook page. We thrive and grow with your input!

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