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Life Is Short; Love Is Long.


Twelve months ago in chronos time my husband’s physical heart unexpectedly stopped beating. And at the same time, his eternal soul expectedly took flight.

Suddenly, my soulmate, husband, friend and lover, and our devoted father and quintessential grandfather was now present in a different form. A form that we didn’t know so well. One that we weren’t quite so familiar with. A form that we couldn’t see with our earthly eyes or hear with our mortal ears.

Not quite what I might have planned for my life, but nevertheless, now my life.

And, in the midst of an amazing Peace, I decided to open myself to the new adventure that now lay before me, trusting in a gracious God to lead the way.

So, how have the last 365 days gone?

Hmmm…. How do I put this into words?….

Here goes….

Each day has brought:

• a radical adventure in learning how to “see” the invisible and “hear” the inaudible;

• a new path in experiencing his physical body in absentia, but finding his ever-present spirit cheering me on;

• a changing life in rediscovering God and eternity all over again. Not in theory but in reality.

Some days the light has seemed so bright that I basked in its splendor, and other days the dark was so full that I wept for the known.

But I remember that darkness brings its own kind of beauty, and I recall daily the truth that I shared in my husband’s eulogy, “God’s mercies are new every morning.”

More than anything, I’ve become so aware of these 6 words: Life Is Short; Love Is Long.

Earthly moments should be treasured. We never know how long we have in this physical body.

And, Love is where it’s at. Love for ourselves and for others. The Golden Rule. Always and forever in operation if we let it be.

Just this week I was remembering the words of an old song, “Make Someone Happy.” The words talk about building our world around our loved ones, and as we share our love with them, then we serendipitously find happiness.

My husband truly built his world around his family. Every person who knew him knew his ever-present, Agape-love commitment to his family. And that commitment allowed our family to live a blessed life with few regrets and much joy.

As I enter into the 366th day, I consciously want to build my world around others. I desperately desire to demonstrate lovingkindness in my day-to-day activities with those closest to me.

That’s a life well-lived.

What about you?

These 6 words are a great reminder to beautiful living: Life Is Short; Love Is Long.

If we see the truth in these words, we choose to live our lives on earth with a different perspective.

No need to major on the minors of life. No more excuses. No more, when this changes or that changes, then….

Now is the time to make our lives count for what is important.

Right here, right now.

If we remember these 6 words, Life Is Short; Love Is Long, our lives will be transformed.

Moved into lives of more fervor, joy, trust, and freedom. More patience, less irritation. Less regrets, more Love.

Beautified into an offering to the Creator and to others.

Life is Short; Love Is Long.

Let’s “dance the dance” together.

A chaotic dance full of zig-zag shapes and hodge-podge patterns, but, if we allow the Source of Love to lead, a dance of unparalleled beauty and awesome moves.

I’d like to live a life well-lived. As long as my earthly body allows. Will you join me in that commitment?

The Experiment: How have you been inspired by someone you knew who demonstrated a well-lived life? Determine this week to pass on one aspect of this loving inspiration to others.

Silence Your Inner Critic: Your thoughts will attempt to persuade you that you don’t have the time or energy to live an inspired life. Sure you do. You have everything you need to live your unique calling. Your life matters. Go for it!

Rock Our World with Your Comments: How do you “dance the dance” daily in your life? Write your thoughts in a personal journal, discuss with a friend or family member, or post a comment below or on our Facebook page. We thrive and grow with your input!

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