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What If It Were True?

What if it were true?

What if there was something beyond this life?

What if the way that I lived my life in my human body on this earth actually meant something far beyond this moment?

Not that this moment isn’t enough.

Quite the contrary.

This moment is pregnant with possibility.

This moment offers Love, Joy, Peace and Hope, as long as I am open to receiving them.

This split-second holds the opportunity to foster a life well-lived, if I am willing to embrace it in all of its glorious Beauty.

But, what if my life well-lived in this moment also carried an even greater meaning?

What if living well in the luscious now could “double my money”?

What if “what is” is also “what is to be”?

If it were true–that the now slips into eternity–I might choose not to

…miss the moment’s magic,

…join the raucous crowd,

…hide my unique light,

…harbor an old resentment, or

…speak an unkind word.

Instead, I might elect to savor the moment, transform the darkness, unleash my gift, release my anger, and utter loving speech.

What’s keeping me from living now in the quantum field of mystery and miracles, truth and Spirit? For, who knows what meaning “now” has for “eternity”?

Carpe Diem!